About STT Products

About STT Products

Passion for technology and innovation


Manufacturers are increasingly faced with changes that affect the production process. Increasing demand for flexibility, a shortage of technical personnel and the need for sustainable production methods mean that optimum efficiency and complete automation are required.

Since 1986, we have been designing and realising tailor-made, high-tech solution for the manufacturing industry. As a company, we distinguish ourselves with the ability to think along with our clients continuously and in every step. Our passion lies in solving complex issues that require innovative technical solutions.

Our team consists of 40 enthusiastic professionals. Experienced innovation experts, engineers, precision metalworkers, and mechanics with creativity and knowledge of mechanical engineering, electrical and control technology, software and precision mechanics. We do everything in-house; from ideation to implementation. This makes us flexible and provides a lot of insight into the feasibility of our ideas.

Our clients are well known brands from the manufacturing industry who face complex challenges in their production processes.


Who we are

We help the manufacturing industry by providing valuable, unique technical solutions. These solutions come from our passion for technology and our enthusiasm to take on new challenges. Our goal is to strengthen the competitive position of our clients by improving product cost, production capacity, flexibility, sustainability, operator-independence and safety.


What we aim for

Our heart beats for technology and precision mechanics. We are innovative and curious and believe in the power of the combination between engineering and realisation. This both unburdens our clients and brings happiness for ourselves. We have to ambition to grow further and to serve our customers even better.


Cloe cooperation between different partners increases the chances and possibilities. We are affiliated with various initiatives such as the Smart Industry Hub Noord (SIH Noord) en de Noordelijk ProductiviteitsAlliantie (NPAL)

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