Assembly tool


This assembly table is designed to simplify and speed up the mounting of electrical components. The tool automates a few actions around mounting a screen on a printed circuit board.

The supply exists of 16 printed circuit boards placed in a trays. For the assembly, it is necessary to turn this tray around very carefully and remove the tray from the products without damaging them. The screen is then manually mounted on the printed circuit board and the mounted product must be returned to the tray.

The careful turning and the cleaning (with ionized air) of the tray is automated. In addition, the tool is provided with jigs so the products are positioned in the best possible way during the assembling. In this way, the operator only has to attend to mounting the parts. The cycle time is significantly lower with the use of this tool.

We used 3D printed product jigs made of glass-filled Polyamide 12 to increase the wear resistance. We regularly use 3D printed parts during the prototyping phase, this is a good example where the end result also contains 3D printed parts.