Endurance tests


We regularly make endurance testers for testing (end) products. For example, the testing of the functioning of the engine, transmission, buttons, impact resistance, cable breakage, power, wear or, of course, the function of the product itself.

Endurance testers come in a variety of sizes and setups. For example, you can opt for a single test, in which the tool tests one product at a time, which is useful for random testing. Or a multiple endurance test can be made that tests several products at the same time, for example when the quality of each product must be guaranteed. An endurance tester can also perform multiple tests simultaneously, for example, a endurance tester for 24 products that are simultaneously tested for motor function and wear.

It is often necessary that a endurance tester can be used for different (yet comparable) products. For this we can make special moulds which are attached to the endurance tester. These moulds are easily interchangeable to test another product.

Vaak is het noodzakelijk dat een duurtester kan worden ingezet voor verschillende (maar toch vergelijkbare) producten. Hiervoor kunnen wij speciale mallen maken welke op de duurtester worden bevestigd. Deze mallen zijn eenvoudig uitwisselbaar om een ander product te testen.