Flush and treatment automation


This setup is designed for automated preparing of laboratory materials for research. Previously this was a manual action. The setup is equipped with five tanks that contain different flush and treatment liquids. Each tank can be regulated separately by an electrically controlled valve. The basin is made of stainless steel and contains two sensors to measure the level of liquid present. The basin is placed on a horizontal shaker table to optimise the process.

The machine is controlled using a PLC. A manual process or an automated process with pre-set parameters can be selected. When the automated process is chosen, the needed liquids can be selected on the touch panel by switching different tanks on and off. After selecting at least one tank, the incubation time can be set. When the process is started the progress of the process can be monitored on the touch panel. After the set incubation time the basin is drained and the process is finished. Now it is possible to restart the process with the same parameters, or to change te parameters before starting a new process.


This project took place in 2019 and was commissioned by 42 Life Sciences.