Label robot


This robot setup aims to automatically provide pallet packaging with labels and tags with pallet information.

The machine receives orders from the packaging line to print a tag or label. These are requested from the factory network by means of commands. The machine determines which printer to use. The labels and tags are picked up and transported by means of vacuum technology.

The robot picks up the tag or label with a vacuum gripper. If it concerns a label, it does not have an adhesive layer. A special adhesive unit has been designed for this. The robot moves the gripper with the label through the glue unit, so that the glue unit locates the label and activates the glue nozzles for gluing. Then, and in the case of tags directly, the robot moves to the waiting position.

From the waiting position, it is checked whether the pallet is in position and whether there is enough space for manoeuvring. The robot then attaches the tag or the label to the side or top of the pallet. When the placing of one or more labels or tags is completed, the robot moves back to the waiting position and gives a final signal. This completes the label cycle and the labelled pallet can be removed.

Via the touch screen, the cycle and mutual communication can be monitored and any parameters can be set. For example, various glue nozzles can be switched on and off for more economical gluing, the vacuum limit of the robot can be set, and the robot can be taken offline.