Leak tester

This leak tester was designed to test under what pressure water resistant products lose their watertightness. The products are prepared for testing by providing them of an air nipple. Air supply is then connected to these nipples. The products is being held under water using a clamp, after which the test cycle can be started.

The test cycle consists of a constant increase in pressure, with steps of 50 mBar. After each step the pressure is held for an, in advance, set time. If air bubbles appear at a certain amount of pressure, the watertightness is reached. The current pressure can be seen at the screen. The product can be detached for the rest of the cycle by manually closing the valve.

Five products can be tested simultaneously at any pressure between 0 and 2 bar. The pressure increases in steps.

The water basin is made of clear PMMA to have good sight of the test. For emptying the basin, a plug is placed in the bottom of the basin.