Screwing cobot


This cobot setup screws products together in an existing production line. Previously, there were two workstations with two operators needed for that action. These workstations were taken out off the production line and this single station replaced them. The advantage of a cobot is that it requires little floor space. The screwing cobot performs two screwing tasks with the help of one operator.

The products are supplied in bulk. The operator places the products in the jig, after which the cobot screws the part. Then the operator can take out the product and load the next one. The jigs are equipped with product recognition so that the robot can see which product needs to be screwed.

A cobot has extra safety features compared to a regular robot. It is equipped with various sensors so that it stops or adjusts its speed in the event of a collision or contact. This setup is also equipped with two-hand control and an emergency stop that the operator can activate with his leg. This keeps the working environment safe.

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