From challenge to innovative solution

Do you have a mechanical challenge? And is there no clear solution yet?

We work through a number of steps to find the best solution together. We work out different concepts and compare them on the most crucial elements.

It is important to determine the wishes and requirements before we start. We do this in close cooperation with the client in an inventory and pre-engineering project. This results in a concept design for the most suitable solution for the problem.

For over 35 years

Our expertise

We have developed in specific areas of expertise:

  • Precision positioning
  • Micro assembly
  • Product handling
  • High-end machine control
  • Medical and high-tech production technologies

Our strength lies in complex automation issues where creativity and innovation are a must. Our clients are often positively surprised by the solutions we offer them.


Do you want to get started on finding the best solution for your challenge? In our knowledge base article about pre-engineering you can read more about conducting preliminary research using a morphological overview and a Pugh matrix.

Our method

The concept is in place,
now what?

When everyone agrees on the right solution, we can look at the next step. At STT Products, we have all the required knowledge and experience to realise the proposed solution if desired. When we want to move ahead, we enter the engineering phase.