Dutch development of a fully automated production line enters new phase

The collaboration project of three companies from the Northern-Netherlands, Demcon Industrial Systems Groningen, Menicon and STT Products has entered a new phase. For a number of years, the three partners have been working together on the development of a prototype for a fully automated and future-proof production line for medical devices.  

On Wednesday, February 7th, this prototype is successfully moved from the development location at STT Products in Tolbert, to the test location at Menicon in Emmen. This move marks the important transition from the development phase to the on-site testing phase.  

Due to the size and weight of the prototype, the move required decent preparation. After careful planning and packing, the prototype was loaded, transported to Emmen, and placed at its provisional destination. 

In the coming period, the prototype will be intensively tested at Menicon. This should prove that this innovative and automated concept can increase production capacity without expanding workforce or floor space. The results of the project are not only of added value to the partners involved, but also promise to have a significant impact on the future of production processes in the medical device sector and beyond. 

At both locations, the employees of Demcon Industrial Systems, Menicon and STT Products paid special attention to this festive milestone.  


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