High tech machine building

High tech machine building

Are you looking for a unique, high tech machine?


Every production process is unique and requires unique machines. There is often no ready-made solution for this. Special machines arise from innovative customisation, smart technology and craftsmanship.

We have been designing and realising high-end special machines for the manufacturing industry for over 35 years. Complex projects such as complete production lines and product handling machines are our specialty.

As a client, you are closely involved in the design and development process. In regular design reviews we sit down together to get to the best solution.

For over 35 years

Our high tech machine building expertise

We have developed in specific areas of expertise:

  • Precision positioning
  • Micro assembly
  • Product handling
  • High-end machine control
  • Medical and high-tech production technologies

Our strength lies in complex automation issues where creativity and innovation are a must.


Production automation is more than installing new machines. The entire production process must work efficiently and effectively. We think along and ahead in optimising production lines for optimal efficiency.


We develop, manufacture and test the high-tech machines extensively in-house. After approval and acceptance, we install the machine on location. This is done as efficiently as possible so downtime of the production process is kept to a minimum.

Our solutions

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Besides production automation we also offer:


Test automation


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We are proud of

High tech machine building projectes

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Double robot setup

This unique machine is designed for assembly work as part of a larger production line. The set-up is equipped with, among other things, two 6-axis Omron robots, a product carousel, supply and discharge conveyors and a control station.

Each robot has a clear task in the process. The first robot is equipped with a quadruple vacuum gripper. This moves four plastic parts from the supply conveyor to the carousel. The second robot has a single fine-mechanical, servo-controlled gripper with which a metal part is picked up from the feed and clamped in the plastic part.

The assembled parts make their way to the quality control station and then return to the first robot. This robot places the approved products in a tray on the discharge conveyor and removes the rejected products from the process.

The entire setup is placed in an STT Universal cell. This cell is fully scalable and can be arranged as desired. For this arrangement, three sides have been made accessible with doors and one side remained open for optimal accessibility.

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Precision drilling setup

This machine very accurately drills holes with a diameter of only 0,15mm in small and fragile implant lenses. This hole is used for attaching brackets to the lens. The brackets will fuse with the eye tissue and keep the lens in place.

The drilling can be precisely monitored with the help of a camera placed next to the drill. This project was completed in 2017.

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Cleanroom assembly line

This assembly line is built for the assembly and mirror welding of three components.

The line exists of different components: a robot and gripper, supply lines, an assembly station, a magazine, a mirror welding station, a press / measure and laser station, and an exit station.

This project has taken place in 2016.