Inspiring seminar on Pre-engineering

Inspiring seminar on Pre-engineering

During our first seminar of 2024, we hosted seventeen professionals from the manufacturing industry, to talk about the theme of pre-engineering. How do you get started with a challenge or idea? How do you convert this into a workable solution?

The seminar started with a lunch, where guests had the opportunity to meet each other and network. During the afternoon there was plenty of time for interaction.

During presentations the focus we focussed on the steps you take within a successful pre-engineering process. Anthony Kok, Research Engineer at Quooker, shared valuable insights into their experience with pre-engineering, based on a recent project. In addition to the presentations, there was a brainstorming exercise and a tour, where guests could take a look at the practical application of a proof-of-concept within pre-engineering.

This seminar offered a unique opportunity to see theory in practice and stimulated lively discussions about the implementation of these techniques in different industrial environments.

We thank the guests for their contributions and in particular Anthony Kok for his contribution as a guest speaker! We look forward to future seminars and the continued exchange of knowledge and experiences within our industry.