Inspiring seminar Product Handling

On Thursday 17 October we had an inspiring seminar at STT Products about Product Handling. With guests from various industries we talked about the possibilities and challenges of Product Handling. The automated picking, moving and placing of products is already in stone in some companies, while others are still dreaming of this.

After the welcoming lunch, we introduced the topic. Guest speakers Jeroen Holt and Robert Vincente from Festo told us more about pneumatic handling solutions, robot grippers and actuators. Afterwards, the guests received a company tour with various demonstrations of smart handling solutions. Manager Engineering Harold Hollander showed a few interesting projects STT has executed in the past years concerning handing. The official part was concluded with a change of minds about the future of handling in Industry 4.0. After the seminar, guests had the opportunity to meet and talk about the subject while having a drink. We look back at a successful afternoon and want to thank all our guests for their presence!