Investering in Ti180 robotcel voor automatische belading

In December 2017, STT Products had the Titanium Ti180 installed. The Ti180 is supplied by BMO automation and is an automation system for loading one or more CNC milling machines.

STT had been looking around for a way to produce more efficiently for a few years. The market is changing and we are steering towards the fourth industrial revolution. The Hermle C32U was our first step in this direction. This milling machines has five axis, an automatic tool magazine (with 230 tools), and is suitable for automatic loading.

After running a few months with a manned C32U, it was clear what the requirements were for an automatic loading system. The Ti180 was chosen because of its multifunctionality. Batch size does not matter, the software is user-friendly and the robot cell is robust and spacious. Since the Ti180 can load both pallets as single products, the robot is very flexible in use. Different batches can be produced back to back without needing an operator.


The Hermle C32U and the Ti180 have been working together for a few months now. Night time and weekends are used to produce batches or time consuming parts. At this moment, we are still optimising the process to be able to produce 24/7 in the future. When purchasing the Ti180, we choose to include all the extra options. This provides us with more flexibility and makes us prepared for future growth.

The Hermle C32U and the Ti180 are primarily used for the production of parts for the manufacturing of special machines. Producing these parts in-house is a deliberate decision. Costs are kept low and lead time is shorter.

STT Products has multiple automatic loading systems at its disposal. All our CNC lathes have automatic loading and our Hermle C30U 5-axis milling machine has a Gibas Cobot loading system. In time, we hope to connect a second CNC machine to our Ti180. In this way we, and ultimately also our customers, take part in the developments in the field of industrial automation.

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