Now is the time for innovation! - Subsidy options

Now is the time for innovation! - Subsidy options

Many experts agree that industrial automation is necessary right now to cope better with any subsequent crises. For example, ABN Amro says in its report: “Invest more in automation and robotisation. Highly automated companies are now experiencing little trouble.” And professor of financial economics Sylvester Eijffinger says in De Ondernemer: “Everyone is looking for a new revenue model. […] If you see what robotisation, digitisation and artificial intelligence do for logistics. A robot does not get sick. The techniques were already there, but are now getting a huge boost.” And Mechatronica&Machinebouw also says: “Mechanised production makes you less dependent on the availability of people. Machines don’t get sick, […] One operator can easily keep five or six machines in the air. Social distancing is not an issue there.”

By automating (parts of) production, a company is less dependent on the presence of employees, as Eijffinger points out. It becomes easier to run production in previously unused hours, such as at night or at weekends, and production does not stop when several employees are absent. In addition, the working conditions can be adapted to the one and a half meter economy with the help of automation. For example, the use of cobots makes safer collaboration between production employees possible. In addition, certain production processes can in future be controlled and monitored from a distance, which means that there is less traffic on the work floor. ABN Amro also points to the risk of the high global supply chain dependence, in particular the numbers and spread of suppliers. Reshoring now can be of great importance to ensure stable production in the future.

It is not only current events that force companies to set up differently. Continuous developments in the field of digitisation and robotisation require a new way of organizing and producing.

There are currently a number of grants that are in line with this available for SMEs in the Northern Netherlands. These subsidies are aimed at innovation and/or developing a new revenue model, such as automating (part of) the production line, or creating a new sales market. The subsidies are intended for engaging an independent expert who contributes ideas to future-oriented entrepreneurship and production.

From May 4, the VIA organisational innovation subsidy will be open to SMEs in the Northern Netherlands. This subsidy amounts to a maximum of €12,500, whereby 50% of the costs incurred are subsidized (the minimum eligible amount is €10,000).

There is also the 3.0 voucher. The value of this voucher can be up to €5,000 (50% of eligible costs).

STT Products has more than 35 years of experience in thinking along and solving automation issues. We understand that you don’t want to make major investments at the moment, but you do want to keep developing. Together with you, we are happy to look at how we can make the current production process more sustainable in the long term and we help you draw up a plan for a future-proof production process. In order to realize this, we are happy to work with you on a possible subsidy process. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

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