NXTGEN HIGHTECH has officially started!

NXTGEN HIGHTECH officieel van start

At the beginning of May it was announced that the Dutch NXTGEN HIGHTECH program has officially started, after approval from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. 330 partners, companies and knowledge institutions, join forces in the development of new high-tech machines and production technologies.

This project is made possible in part by a contribution from the Nationaal Groeifonds program NXTGEN HIGHTECH. Until 2030, this program will invest no less than € 1 billion with more than 330 Dutch partners, in more than 60 projects and in six essential domains. With this, NXTGEN HIGHTECH makes a significant contribution to the structural and sustainable economic growth in the Netherlands and we offer solutions for the major societal challenges in the field of energy transition, health, safety and nutrition.


NXTGEN HIGHTECH wants to make and maintain the Netherlands as leader in the field of ultra-precise high-tech equipment. The six designated areas on which the developments focus:

  • Robotics in agri-food
  • Biomedical developments
  • Composites
  • Renewable energy
  • Laser satellite communication
  • Semicon

STT Products also participates in the NXTGEN HIGHTECH program. As an innovative solution provider, we will focus on the development of widely applicable hardware architecture and the creation of generically usable building blocks for the transport of (semi) manufactured products. We use Industry 4.0 techniques with smart, flexible, mechanical solutions.

These building blocks are developed in collaboration with industrial partners and are integrated in a joint test line, and/or in existing and new production lines. After this we validate the solutions in an operational environment.

Several of our colleagues will be involved in this project in the coming years. Erno Uitvlugt, Manager Engineering and Projects, fulfills the role of Project Manager at STT Products.