Opening new STT building on theme day 20 May

Opening new STT building on theme day 20 May

On May 20, the new STT premises will be officially opened by Deputy Patrick Brouns of the province of Groningen. The commissioner, with “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” in his portfolio, was immediately enthusiastic to carry out the opening of our growing innovative company in his province.

In addition to the opening of our new building, we are also celebrating our 30th anniversary.

A theme day will be organised around the opening ceremony with lectures and workshops that will focus on Smart Manufacturing or, the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0. And of course we proudly show you around our new building.

Theme: Smart Manufacturing/Industry 4.0

Lectures will be given on this topic by:

Festo, supplier of electrical and pneumatic automation components. Festo is a participant in the “Industry 4.0” initiative in Germany and is involved in all “key standards associations” and initiatives related to this theme.

Mr. Paul Schreuders, general manager of Xpar Vision BV. The company develops special sensor technologies that monitor the quality of glass bottles and jars. The method of XPAR Vision ensures a lower consumption of energy and material. The company won the Groninger Ondernemersprijs in 2014.

ABB Robotics, manufacturer of smart robots in which there is collaboration with the operator. Under the name YuMi, ABB has launched a 2-armed collaborative robot for the assembly of small parts, in which operator and robot work together. From April, STT has been a system integrator of ABB robot systems.

Jan Post is professor by special appointment of Digital fabrication at the University of Groningen. As a result of the collaboration between the business community and the university, Jan Post of Philips Consumer Lifestyle Drachten has been working as professor of Digital fabrication at the Engineering and Technology Institute Groningen (RUG) since June 2015. He is the driving force behind the national HTSM theme manufacturing and the Region of Smart Factories consortium in the Northern Netherlands, of which STT is also a part.

Continuous presentations/workshops will be given on this day on the following topics:

  • Application of modern machining techniques in smart manufacturing environment
  • Smart solutions using sensor technology for the glass industry
  • Automation within the Medical Device Industry
  • Smart test and measurement equipment
  • Festo, electrical and pneumatic automation components
  • Robot applications, including the YuMi from ABB
  • Ideas table (brainstorm together with our engineers about creative solutions for your specific situation!)

On this day we would of course like to raise a glass with you to our new building and our anniversary! We cordially invite you to this festive and inspiring day!