Optimise your production proces

Optimise your production proces

Optimise your production proces

Optimise your production proces

Do you want to increase
production efficiency?

  • Flexible production
  • Lower production cost
  • Less waste

Or do you want to know what the possibilities are for increasing capacity, making the process more sustainable or adapting it to higher quality requirements?

As a development partner, we think along and ahead in optimising by deploying high-end technical solutions

100% to 300%

With our optimisation projects, we can increase production efficiency, sometimes by 100% to 300%.

Customised advice and solutions offer many opportunities for increasing capacity and efficiency at all levels. Our clients are often positively surprised by the possible solutions we offer them.

Optimisation project

How does an optimisation project work?

Together we dive into the current production process. We analyse where possible bottlenecks are present and where improvement is possible. We do this from different perspectives.

We have in-house experts in the field of Lean principles, mechatronics, precision mechanics and software. You are always directly in contact with one of our engineers. We provide clear and well-founded advice.

Possible advice could be:

  • Redesign of the workspace to promote productivity
  • Mechanisation or automation of (manual) actions
  • Optimising or replacing existing machines
  • Add inline quality control
  • Review of the current production method

We work closely together during the optimisation project. This way, we take into account all wishes and possibilities as early as possible. When considering the options, we will calculate the required investment and ROI (return-on-investment) in order to take any follow-up steps responsibly.

Does the advice match the wishes and expectations? Then we draw up an action plan. Together we look for the most suitable party to further develop or follow up the advice. In many cases, STT Products can also be of service here. As a development partner we optimise the process at your desired pace.


Satisfied clients

At Quooker we have traditionally made our own prototyping tools and production machines. We are now working together with other machine builders. STT is the first party with whom we build machines that we did not dare to think of ourselves. This makes it refreshing to work with STT’s resourceful engineers on our production challenges.

Quooker Netherlands

Micha Disselkoen, Manager new product development
We have been doing business with STT to our satisfaction for years, my experience is that  STT works very customer-oriented, comes up with innovative ideas on how to solve technical problems and then implements the solutions robustly. Their strenght is the ‘In-house manufacturing of Parts’, which makes them fast and flexible in solving problems. We now have several machines or parts of machines in production that are running to our satisfaction.

Philips Consumer Lifestyle

Jeroen Palmen, NPI project lead
The cooperation of STT is very valuable in our innovation projects. In these kinds of projects, collaboration, prototyping, testing, learning and taking the next steps in an open and honest collaboration is of great importance. STT has fulfilled this in a very good way.

Mentor Medical Systems

Fabian Akerboom, Engineering Manager
As a manufacturer of contact lenses, we are constantly looking to improve, accelerate and optimise our production processes. The employees of STT have a great passion for technology and are the right partner for us to help with creative brainstorming, making test setups and realising machines.


Bert Jan Schutten, Project lead R&D