Robotics market will triple by 2025


Industrial robots are getting cheaper, smarter, more user-friendly and more flexible. In combination with shortages on the job market, this makes for a rise in use of robot capacity in the manufacturing industry.

According to GlobalData, specialist is data and analysis, the global robotics market wil almost triple over the next six years. The research report shows that the market will grow 16-17% annually. From 98 billon dollar in 2018 to 275 billion dollar in 2025. This growth is mainly due to cloud-based robot services and robots hired on an as-needed bases, especially by small and medium-sized companies.

At STT Products, we also see the rising interest in Industrial Robotics. Our latest info session about robotics was well visited. We are also often asked for advice concerning robots in the manufacturing industry. In our workplace multiple robots can be found to carry out manufacturing tasks, this way our own Smart Factory is getting more and more real.