Do you know all the advantages of industrial robots?

  • Shorter production time
  • Higher and more constant quality
  • Constant cycle time
  • High precision
  • Flexible use
  • Well applicable in existing production lines

What do you need?

Full robot integration


A robot setup placed a production process has the best performance when it is fully integrated. A complete robot integration consists of:

  • Robot
  • Gripper
  • Supply and discharge systems
  • Sensors
  • Software
  • Safety features

We have experience and contact with various robot manufacturers, such as ABB, Fanuc and Omron. But we are also curious about the knowledge and experience our clients have with other brands.

What tasks can an
industrial robot perform?

A robot is a great asset to places in the production process where there are repetitive tasks, or in dirty and dangerous conditions. Robots are often used for product handling; the loading and unloading of machines, assembly work, packaging, welding and much more.

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Seamless collaboration between humans and robots

In addition to various types of industrial robots, there is also the cobot. It is specifically designed to work with or alongside an employee.

There robots are equipped with various safety features to ensure that this cooperation runs safely. For example, a cobot works at a lower speed end will stop immediately when it experiences counter pressure in the event of a collision with a person or object.