‘Smart sensors and measurement techniques’ seminar

‘Smart sensors and measurement techniques’ was the theme of our lunch session on Thursday 20 June 2019.  On this informative and interactive morning we welcomed twelve guests from all sides of the manufacturing industry.

The morning started with an introduction to the subject and a presentation by our control technology engineers about different types of sensors. Then there was an extensive tour of our building where we were given demonstrations of the newest products in the field of sensory and measurement technology. These demonstrations were made possibly by sensor producer Keyence. On behalf of XPAR Vision, innovation leader in the field of vision in the glass industry, Jeroen Vincent told us more about data processing and the use of data in improving production processes. Finally, the morning ended with a delicious lunch and the sharing of knowledge and experience.

Once again it was a successful session where we could meet and learn with/from other companies in the Northern Netherlands. We thank all our guests and look forward to the next event!