STT signs partner agreement ABB

STT signs partner agreement ABB

Recently, STT Products and ABB Robotics formalised their recently established partnership with a Partner Agreement.

Menno Kooistra on behalf of STT Products and Martin van der Have on behalf of ABB Robotics signed the contract in the new STT Products premises in Tolbert, which will be festively opened on 20 May.

“We have completed a number of projects together with STT Products and we see good opportunities for further growth”, says Martin van Have, Sales & Marketing Manager of ABB Robotics. “There is growth at STT Product, which is evident from the opening of our new building. The absolute distance between the old and the new location is small, but in terms of possibilities it is a huge step forward. The new building is across the road of the old one but it has a big improvement. Because STT Product is now much more spacious, the organisation can grow further. Plenty of room for engineering, machines and assembly.” says Menno Kooistra, director of STT Products.


Not the Internet of Things, not Industry 4.0 but Smart Factories is the working title of the Northern Dutch Manufacturing Industry to produce faster, cheaper and more accurately. STT Products is one of the participants in this initiative. ABB Robotics endorses this initiative and is happy to join through a local partner in the north of the Netherlands. A system integrator such as STT Products has the application and market knowledge to apply our co-robot Yumi. All in all, this all fits perfectly into the strategy of both STT Products and ABB Robotics.

During the official opening of the new building on May 20, ABB Robotics will give a guest lecture about the robot reality in the factory of the future.