Test automation

Measurement and test equipment

Test automation for R&D, QA/QC and (scientific) research

Product development and research requires a precise process. A hidden error or measurement can have major consequences and cause a lot of damage. STT develops and builds custom-made, high quality test and measurement equipment for renowned research institutes, universities and R&D and/or QC departments.

Our expertise

Test automation in accordance with international standards


Before a product reaches the store shelves, it is preceded by a lengthy process of (endurance) testing and research. We develop the test setups that are necessary for this, for example:

  • Endurance tests (fatigue tests, wear tests)
  • (Splash) water tightness tests (IPx1 – 4 and IPx7)
  • Dust tightness tests (IPx5/6)
  • Impact tests (drop tests, cable break tests)
  • PCB flammability tests

If desired, our setups meet international IEC/ISO/ASTM standards

Our expertise

Fully automated quality
control solutions


Quality control can be fully automated by using reliable measuring systems. Both inline in the production process, during product development or offline.

This increases the accuracy and efficiency of the quality control. Moreover, with the help of collected data, the process can be adjusted in real time to further increase the quality.

Our expertise

Laboratory and
research equipment


In close collaboration with researchers from renowned institutes and universities, we develop practical and applicable research setups and measuring equipment. We have experience with water and membrane research, nuclear research and nanotechnology.

Our expertise

Specialist water research


Specialist water and membrane research is one of our specialties. We design and produce high quality flow cells for this purpose, completely according to your wishes and requirements. The client determines the entire design: the number of compartments, the application of membranes and spacers, the material off the cell and the presence or absence of a knee lifter for easy membrane exchange. Our flow cells can be supplies with capillary filters and titanium platinised electrodes.

Long lifetime

Machines and setups that we build are carefully designed and developed to achieve high quality and long life.

We deliver the machines with a spare parts list and are ready for any maintenance afterwards. It is also possible to have machines overhauled or updated. This increases the lifespan and future-proofing of the machines.

These overhauls sometimes only take place after 25 years, after which the machine is ready for the next 25 years.

In-house development

We can develop and realise the test setups and test systems completely in-house thanks to the available knowledge.

In addition to mechanical and electrical knowledge, the software skills are also available to control the test setup and to carefully read and process measurement data.

By continuously thinking along and developing, our engineers can quickly translate you into suitable test equipment. The test equipment is therefore quickly available and easy to adapt.

We are proud of

Test automation projects

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Endurance tests

We regularly make endurance testers for testing (end) products. For example, the testing of the functioning of the engine, transmission, buttons, impact resistance, cable breakage, power, wear or, of course, the function of the product itself.

Endurance testers come in a variety of sizes and setups. For example, you can opt for a single test, in which the tool tests one product at a time, which is useful for random testing. Or a multiple endurance test can be made that tests several products at the same time, for example when the quality of each product must be guaranteed. An endurance tester can also perform multiple tests simultaneously, for example, a endurance tester for 24 products that are simultaneously tested for motor function and wear.

It is often necessary that a endurance tester can be used for different (yet comparable) products. For this we can make special moulds which are attached to the endurance tester. These moulds are easily interchangeable to test another product.

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Puncture tool

This tool was developed for NRG Petten. It is used in fundamental nuclear research into fuel irradiation for molten salt reactors. The samples are irradiated in HFR Petten and are kept in SALIENT-01, hermetically closed sample compartment. This puncture tool is used in an experiment to extract samples from SALIENT-01 in the right way.

The chambers in SALIENT-01 are under high vacuum, which must be retained during the drilling. In addition, there is a release of radioactivity and fluorine gases. The puncture tool must be resistant to this.

This tool is connected to an external measuring installation where the samples taken are further examined.

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25-fold spring tester

We designed this test setup to perform life tests on metal springs as part of an R&D project. This setup can test 25 springs simultaneously.

The springs are placed in the holders. Then, the pressure can be adjusted pneumatically for each individual holder. Here, the area to which the force is applied can be limited mechanically. Below the holders is the camshaft, which is driven by a closed-loop controlled motor. This compresses each spring once during a rotation.

The control panel can be used to set how many times the spring will be compressed during one test cycle. Rotation speed can be adjusted by means of a rotary knob. The number of rotations made is measured by an inductive sensor. When the set number of rotations is reached, the test cycle stops.