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Test and measurement setups

Test automation

Testing, measuring and controlling is crucial in all aspects of production, research and product development. A defect product, hidden error or incorrect measurement can have major consequences and cause a lot of damage.

The quality of a product is closely related to the quality of the tests to which it has been subjected. We develop and build unique, high-quality test and measurement equipment that meets the specific requirements of our clients.

We develop, among others:

  1. Fully automated solutions for quality control 
  2. Testautomation for product design / R&D
  3. laboratory and research equipment

Our expertise

1. Fully automated solutions for quality control

A zero-defect production is the goal in your production process. This requires for the quality of the output to be consistent from start to finish. To ensure this quality, the following quality checks are possible:

Inline quality control

The quality control of the products is fully integrated in the production line. This can be an end-of-line check, where the products are inspected for certain requirements at the end of the production line.

There also is the interim quality control, which takes place in or between the production steps. This provides even more control, allowing you to detect incorrect products or parts earlier in the process. This prevents unnecessary waste and offers the opportunity to collect more data and adjust the process in real time, resulting in a more consistent quality of the end product.

Offline quality control

This check takes place outside the production line and is often carried out on a random basis. Here too, an automated check is recommended to minimise the chance of an incorrect assessment and to be able to reduce the sample size.

Offline checking has the advantage that the production process is less disrupted and cycle times do not become longer. However, it is more labour intensive and only possible for non-critical processes because not all products are checked.

User-friendliness tools

Calibrating the measuring tools at specified times is part of maintaining the quality equipment. We can supply the correct calibration tools for this.

The measurement data can be presented on-screen in real time, allowing the operator to adjust the process in a timely manner when the measured values reach the limits of the tolerances.

A measurement report can be created for each measurement, which you can analyse at a later time if necessary.


Custom solutions

A quality control station is usually custom-made. Together with the client we look at what is needed. Possible checks that can be automated are:

  • Presence detection
  • Geometric control
  • Traceability systems
  • Cosmetic inspection
  • Various functionality tests

With fully automated quality control you limit errors caused by human action and you can easily check larger quantities. The operator independence in testing ensures more accurate measurements and reliable results.

Quality requirements

Gage R&R with
test equipment

The reliability of the quality system depends on reliable data. A reliable measuring system is therefore essential. The test equipment we develop meets the current requirements of Gage R&R.

Gage stands for the precision of the measurements and R&R stands for Repeatability and Reproducibility. By means of an R&R test you can demonstrate that the measuring instrument generates the correct measurement data independently of the operator. The measuring instrument is released for production after the test is conducted.


Our expertise

2. Test automation for product design / R&D

The development and launch of a new product takes a lot of time and energy. This is often preceded by a lengthy process of (endurance) testing and research.

Imagine that there turns out to be an error in the product design, that is something you would prefer to know today, instead of tomorrow. Extensive testing of various product functions and the lifespan is needed to rule this out.

We can also equip the test setups with Labview software to read real time data.

Customised test and measurement setups that we can develop:

  • Functional testing, for example;
  • Does the product have the desired lifespan?
  • Does the product meet the predetermined functional requirements?
  • Safety testing, for example;
  • Waterthightness test according to IPx
  • Dust tightness tests according to IPx
  • Electronic testing (such as PCB flammability)
  • Product load testing, for example;
  • Impact testing
  • Drop test
  • Endurance tests, for example;
  • Fatigue tests
  • Wear tests

CE approved

The test machines and setups we develop are build in accordance with the applicable CE requirements.

In consultation, we also build according to international IEC/ISO/ASTM standards.


Our expertise

3. Laboratory and research equipment

Laboratories and (scientific) researchers often require specific tools and setups. We work closely with researchers from renowned institutes and universities.

In these collaborations we develop practical and applicable research setups and measuring equipment for cutting-edge research projects.

Our expertise extends from water and membrane research (flow cells) to nuclear research.

Flowcell for specialist water research
Puncture tool for NRG Petten

Development partners

Finding the best solution

Sometimes clients come to us with no clear view of what is needed in the process. Especially then, we are happy to think along with you.

Based on our experience, we look at the possibilities and propose solutions that really work. You have direct contact with our engineers who will provide you with clear and well-founded advice.

Our method

Together we move forward

During the process we work together as development partners. We take your wishes and possibilities into account. Together we weigh the options, calculate the required investment and the ROI, and take the next steps responsibly. When mutually agreed upon, we can develop and realise almost most test automation and measurement equipment completely in-house.

In addition to mechanical and electrical knowledge, we also have the software skills to control the test setup and to carefully read and process measurement data.

By continuously thinking along and developing, our engineers can quickly translate your wishes into suitable test equipment. This makes the test equipment quickly available and makes expanding or upgrading functionalities or products easier.


We are proud of

Test automation projects

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Endurance tests

We regularly make endurance testers for testing (end) products. For example, the testing of the functioning of the engine, transmission, buttons, impact resistance, cable breakage, power, wear or, of course, the function of the product itself.

Endurance testers come in a variety of sizes and setups. For example, you can opt for a single test, in which the tool tests one product at a time, which is useful for random testing. Or a multiple endurance test can be made that tests several products at the same time, for example when the quality of each product must be guaranteed. An endurance tester can also perform multiple tests simultaneously, for example, a endurance tester for 24 products that are simultaneously tested for motor function and wear.

It is often necessary that a endurance tester can be used for different (yet comparable) products. For this we can make special moulds which are attached to the endurance tester. These moulds are easily interchangeable to test another product.

Puncture tool

This tool was developed for NRG Petten. It is used in fundamental nuclear research into fuel irradiation for molten salt reactors. The samples are irradiated in HFR Petten and are kept in SALIENT-01, hermetically closed sample compartment. This puncture tool is used in an experiment to extract samples from SALIENT-01 in the right way.

The chambers in SALIENT-01 are under high vacuum, which must be retained during the drilling. In addition, there is a release of radioactivity and fluorine gases. The puncture tool must be resistant to this.

This tool is connected to an external measuring installation where the samples taken are further examined.

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25-fold spring tester

We designed this test setup to perform life tests on metal springs as part of an R&D project. This setup can test 25 springs simultaneously.

The springs are placed in the holders. Then, the pressure can be adjusted pneumatically for each individual holder. Here, the area to which the force is applied can be limited mechanically. Below the holders is the camshaft, which is driven by a closed-loop controlled motor. This compresses each spring once during a rotation.

The control panel can be used to set how many times the spring will be compressed during one test cycle. Rotation speed can be adjusted by means of a rotary knob. The number of rotations made is measured by an inductive sensor. When the set number of rotations is reached, the test cycle stops.