Turn-key realisation

Turn-key realisation

From design to machine

Are you looking for a partner that can take care of your machine building project from A to Z?

We have over 35 years of experience in the turnkey realisation of unique technical solution for the manufacturing industry.

In addition to our engineering department, we have well-equipped CNC machining and assembly departments. Here, our craftsmen work every day to develop high-tech machines.

We take care of all aspects of machine development, in which we work closely with our client. In this way we realise the best solution together.

Our method

The steps we take

Designing and developing a reliable and unique special machine starts with a good concept. Together we provide input and direction to the right solution in the concept phase. When the concept is clear and its functionalities have been proven in a proof of concept, we develop it into a detailed design.

When all parties have approved the design, we start manufacturing and purchasing the various parts. We can make most parts ourselves in our well-equipped CNC machining department. The mechanical, pneumatic and electrical construction then starts, and the addition of the control technology in our assembly department.

Together with you as our client, we extensively test the machine or setup to achieve  optimal results. Finally, we install the machine and it is ready for production.

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Long lifespan

Machines and setups that we build are carefully designed and developed to achieve high quality and a long lifespan.

We supply the machines with a spare parts list and are available for any maintenance afterwards. It is also possible to have machines overhauled or updated. This increases the lifespan and future-proofness of the machines.

These overhauls sometimes take place after 25 years, after which the machine is ready for the next 25 years.

In-house development

We can develop and build the machines and tools in-house due to the available knowledge.

For over 35 years

Our expertise for turn-key realisation

Lange levensduur

We have specific areas of expertise such as:

  • Precision positioning
  • Micro assembly
  • Product handling
  • High-end machine control
  • Medical and high-tech production technologies

Complex projects such as complete production lines and product handling machines are our specialty.

We are proud of

Our turn-key realisation projects

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Double robot set-up

This unique double robot setup is designed for assembly work as part of a larger production line. The set-up is equipped with, among other things, two 6-axis Omron robots, a product carousel, supply and discharge conveyors and a control station.

The robotic arms each have a clear task in the process. The first robot is equipped with a quadruple vacuum gripper. This moves four plastic parts from the supply conveyor to the carousel. The second robot has a single fine-mechanical, servo-controlled gripper with which a metal part is picked up from the feed and clamped in the plastic part.

The assembled parts make their way to the quality control station and then return to the first robot. This places the approved products in a tray on the discharge conveyor and removes the rejected products from the process.

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Clamping automation

For a producer of medical devices we realised an automation for clamping stretchable elements. In the original situation, the products were stretched onto the mould by hand. This manual process takes a lot of effort, requires training and a high degree of precision.

The wish for automation was deposited with STT. The challenge was to position the product on moulds as consistently as possible, while taking into account contamination of the product and the limited available production space at the customer’s site.

In a pre-engineering phase we looked into the best clamping method. Through an iterative process different clamping methods with 3D printed models were tested. Ultimately, the best concept was converted into a final design, which was later reused in the completed production machine.