XPAR Vision wins Groningen Entrepreneur award 2014

XPAR Vision wins Groningen Entrepreneur award 2014

Last night, during a spectacular finale in MartiniPlaza, XPAR Vision was crowned Groninger Company of the Year 2014. STT Products would like to congratulate all employees of its customer XPAR Vision once again!

STT develops and produces the mechanical and electrical part of the measuring systems on behalf of XPAR, which XPAR sells and installs worldwide. Read more about these products on our site.

What particularly appealed to the jury in the winner is that it is a company that:

makes the connection between the manufacturing industry and the new economy; has a strong link with the knowledge economy; is financially well organized; provides high-quality direct and indirect employment in Groningen (combating brain drain); serves a global market from Groningen; is professionally managed and therefore; will be a fantastic ambassador for the Groninger Entrepreneur award.